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Freshwater fish culture in the pond cascade in the catchment area of Jevanský brook is for the long time considerable part of the University Forest Establishment´s activities. This cascade was founded in 17th century and consists of 10 ponds - Požár, Louňovský, Pařez, Vyžlovský, Ján, Švejcar, Jevanský, Pilský, Nohavička, Šáchovec. Total area of water surfaces is cca 72 ha large. This region is influenced by plenty of factors, the most important are listed below:

Pond management is based only on feeding and usage of natural resources for disabled intensive provisions (fertilization and optimalization of water chemistry). The breeding is concentrated mainly on the production of carps (Cyprinus carpio) (90%) and supplementary fish species (10%) such as pike (Esox lucius), pikeperch (Stizostedion lucioperca), sheat fish (Silurus glanis), tench (Tinca tinca) etc. Fish management is triennial or quadrennial cycle considering the breeding of stretched carp K2. With respect to the stage of maturity ponds are divided into 3 groups: fruitlet ponds (Šáchovec, Nohavička, Pilský) fry ponds (Požár, Louňovský, Pařez, Ján, Švejcar) major ponds (Vyžlovský, Jevanský). Turn-out of fruitlet ponds was 460 kg, of major ponds 400 kg/ha in 2004.

Indispensable purpose of the pond cascade inheres in water management point of view. The effect of water-bearing capacity was remarkable especially in the year 2002 when flow rate of Jevanský brook was decreased and serious flood was inhibited. The pond Ján is used for commercial - tourism purposes especially competitive fishing. On the other hand there are investigated chemical and physical conditions of the water reserves (supply), the Czech University of Life Sciences organizes practical excursions for students hitherward. The persons concerned in the accomplishment of student thesis participate in elaboration of research projects. We investigate both the quality of fish meat and the quality of water sources to deliver delicious meat.