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University Forest Establishment at Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy, Czech Republic
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Woody ornamental and forest tree nursery is subordinate centre of the University Forest Establishment at Kostelec nad Černými lesy. The nursery is situated in the middle of central Bohemia, 35 km east of Prague. The altitude is approximately 430 m above sea-level. Total area of nurseries reach 29 ha. We cultivate here extensive range of woody ornamentals, forest trees, plant and grass species in diverse age stages, e.g. ornamental conifers, broadleaved trees, rhododendrons, azaleas, grasses, perennial plants, wrapping and rampant species, fruit trees, room plants and cactuses. Technology of the cultivation is operated in containers from 1 to 500 litres or some trees are planted out in the open area, especially full-grown alley and other trees.

The nursery shows in recent three years fast enhancement of the production capacity, we enlarge production areas. Operating building, sale hothouses, nursery outlet, modern propagation houses and efficient spray irrigation system has been recently constructed. Baby room has been built up for the customers to have "free hands" during shopping. Sales offer has been extended in supplementary assortment - it is possible to buy here various types of plant pots, chemicals, tools etc. To be able to offer you many of diverse species we build a special part for the concentration of trees and plants transported from another nurseries within the Czech repoublic as well as from foreign countries.

Annual sales of the nursery is approaching the limit of 25 million CZK (1 mio. Dollars). There are working 20-30 labourers and engineers commensurate with season. Annual production of the nursery is 2 050 000 pieces of woody ornamentals and forest trees.