Internet sites of the Czech University of Life Sciences Sawmill and Log Conversion Depot
University Forest Establishment at Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy, Czech Republic
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Log cutting and timber processing is run nearly of entire felled coniferous wood in the log conversion depot and sawmill in Smrčiny. The cross cutting and sorting line is equipped with an optical measuring device for electronic acceptance of logs. This line is furnished with the apparatus for optimalization of wood yield. Assortments are manufactured from whole stem (trunk) logs on the cross-cutting line and subsequently unbarked on the peeling machine. The sawmill serves for the purpose of sawn timber production. There are produced battens, boards, deal planks and balks (beams). Wood chips, sawdust and bark are also designated for the sale.

There is a framework of three saws installed in the sawmill - the foremost is the frame saw, the ripsaw is instrumental to the production of centreboards and side log frame manufactures sideboards. Some wood - especially thinner logs are chipped by chipping headrig and building balks and joists are thereby produced. Generally, sawn timber is used in civil engineering sector and in joinery (glued joining beams, panel point beams).

Particular part of sawn timber is dryied up in our drying kilns. All wood products are designated for the sale, no waste comes into being. The sawmill and associated buildings are heated by burning of sawdust in the boiler house. Annual timber production of the centre does 47 000 m3 in total.