entrance site of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague CULS Forest Establishment at Kostelec n.C.l.
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic
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Directorate of the University Forest Establishment is located in the Kostelec's castle
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The University Forest Establishment (UFE) in Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy is a purpose-built establishment of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS). The head of UFE being the director is directly subordinate to the Chancellor (President) of CULS. Furthermore the management of the Enterprise is divided into following sectors: director's division; division of production & technology; division of finance & objective functions. More detailed classification is shown in the organization chart of CULS UFE. The enterprise was established in 1935 for the purposes of research and practical training of students from the CULS. The grounds of forest enterprise's estate include former integrated Liechtenstein manor comprising 4462 ha of woodland, the castle at Kostelec n.C.l. and a fish pond cascade at Jevany. At present the size of the controlled territory covers 6 899 ha.

internet sites of sawmill and log conversion depot The handling of the timber, cross-cutting and the next processing are carried out by the Sawmill with the Wood Handling Department. The Log conversion depot with a capacity of 7000 m3 is equipped with cross-cutting and a sorting line. In the timber mill - boards, deal planks, battens, balks etc. are produced. All wood products are designated for sale or internal use so no wood waste is created. In the year 2005 the crosscutting of timber reached 60 922 m3 and the sawmill production was 47 749 m3. Annual sales of this centre are 102 million CZK (4,3 mio. dollars).

internet sites of forest and amenity trees nursery Another operating unit with an increasing output is the Nursery of Forest and Ornamental Trees. The centre is expanding very quickly: its annual yield is 2 050 000 pieces of forest and ornamental trees cultivated on the area 29 ha. Exports have developed in recent years very significantly. Annual sales of this centre are approximately 29 million CZK (1,2 mio. dollars). The trees nursery is situated in the vicinity of Kostelec n.C.l. (about 4 km far from Kostelec to west in the direction of Jevany).

internet sites of pond management and game breeding The University Forest Establishment is responsible for the pond management arranged on the pond-cascade within the catchment area of Jevanský brook. This cascade consists of 10 ponds and total area of water surfaces reaches 72 ha. The pond-system is used for extensive fish breeding and serves partly for the purposes of research of the Czech University of Life Sciences or for student training. Fish management concentrates mainly on breeding of carp, tench, pike and pikeperch. It is impossible to overlook the considerable water-bearing capacity of the above-mentioned cascade, which prevents flooding from Jevany stream.

commentary on harvester technology for students of CULS Every year UFE arranges work experience for students of the Faculty of Forestry and Environment. Students are able to see in practise what they have learned in theory. Students take part in afforestation works, tending, felling and wood handling. They are also engaged in the production process at the trees nursery and sawmill. CULS UFE further arranges excursions for various in-groups through our own specialized centres. The Forests surrounding Kostelec n.C.l. are magnificent and therefore nature trails have been established for tourists to see interesting aspects and the beauty of nature.